Caribbean Stud Poker Guide

By 25 July 2021

Caribbean stud is a variant of poker that follows almost the same gameplay as 5-card stud poker. It is featured by both online casinos and landbased casinos, and you don't need to practise for several years before you can understand how the game works. Throughout this extensive article that we have prepared, we will be discussing the gameplay of Caribbean stud poker as well as how you can choose a good casino to play the game. Visit 1001-onlinecasino for game reviews.

Understanding How Caribbean Stud Poker is Played

As we have mentioned in the preceding paragraph, Caribbean stud poker is quite much like 5-card stud poker except for the introduction of some new rules. In Caribbean stud poker, there is no drawing of cards, and bluffing is impossible. When you place your bet at the beginning of the game based on the table limit, the dealer will deal you 5 cards face-down from the deck. The dealer will also take 5 cards from the deck.

One of the dealer's cards will be flipped face up for players to see. Depending on the hand that a player has and the revealed dealer's card, the player will have some options on how he wished to continue playing the game. He can choose to fold, in which case the game ends and he loses the ante/original bet. The player can also choose to continue with the gameplay by increasing the bet.

Dealer's Qualifying Hand

If you wish to continue with the gameplay, the dealer will need to check if he has a qualifying hand. The dealer must have a minimum of Ace-king hand before he can proceed with the game. If he doesn't, the game ends instantly with the player paid 1:1 for ante bet and the additional net is pushed to the next round. However, if the dealer can to continue, both the dealer's hand and player's hand will be compared to find a winner.

Since Caribbean stud is a poker variant, the hand is rated the same way. The highest hand in the game is the royal flush, and if you win with the hand, you will get a 100:1 payout. The next highest hand is the straight flush which can offer you a payout of 50:1. If you're playing online Caribbean stud poker, you can check the paytable of the game to know what each hand pays.

Play Free Caribbean Stud Poker

As a newbie that is interested in learning how Caribbean stud poker is played, one of the things you can do is to play the free version online. This is because if free poker does not require you to place real money bets, so you can practise how the game is played and also test the features included in the game. Aside from that, free mode Caribbean poker will give you a chance to know all the rules of the game.

Besides using free Caribbean stud poker to learn how to play the game, you can also use it to test different strategies that can help boost your winning odds in the game. If you wish, you can create new strategies and perfect them to your preference before you go ahead to adopt them when you start playing real-money Caribbean stud poker. When playing any casino game for free, you need to know that you cannot win money from it.

Our Final Verdict

We've explained all the things you need to know about Caribbean stud poker in this game, from how to play the game to the benefit of the free version. Remember that Caribbean stud poker shares similar gameplay with 5-card draw poker. The online version of the game is playable on desktop and mobile devices. Winning in Caribbean stud poker is based on the best hand, and the higher the hand value, the more the payout.